An excavator is an expensive investment therefore hiring the machinery for your construction project is an economical alternative. However, you should remember that rental excavators are used equipment which may have sustained damage during previous projects. It is therefore important to be cautious and diligent when choosing the ideal equipment for your earth-moving tasks.

You should perform a thorough examination of the available excavators before making your selection. If you are unfamiliar with the components and function of the heavy machine, hire a contractor for expert inspection. Here are the main aspects that you should consider before official hire:

Exterior Condition

Excavators are used in harsh work environments therefore the equipment will not look brand new. However, you should check your preferred item for significant cracks and dents as well as abnormal bends. Exterior damage is an indicator of misuse and degeneration so you should avoid such machines even if they are still functional.

In addition, the mechanical impact responsible for the outer distortion may have affected interior components. If a breakdown occurs during your rental duration, you will experience extensive inconvenience.

Movement of Connections

Excavators are expedient machines in the construction industry because of their high manoeuvrability. It is crucial to ensure that the play and movement of the equipment is normal before hire. The excavator housing should rotate in position and the movement must be tight and smooth. Abnormal shifts of the compartment should be considered as warning signs of potential malfunction.

You should also check the connection points between the book, bucket and the stick for unfavourable play. Basically, looseness in any excavator connection should be noted; do not hire the equipment until the modules are serviced.

Hydraulic System

You should inspect the excavator's hydraulic system for leaks because it is an indication of significant equipment degeneration. The hydraulic fluid in the machine is indispensable in powering the movement and subsequently, the function of the tool attachments. Every hose, cylinder and line which is used in transmitting the fluid power should be checked for trickles and structural weakness. You should also examine the pump compartment, the slew ring and the swing bearing for any anomalies. If there are leaks or damages, request for repair or choose an alternative machine.

Bucket Condition

The excavator bucket should be in good condition; this will ensure its effectiveness in your worksite. The digging efficiency will be reduced if the teeth are worn excessively or distorted into a half-moon shape. Such a bucket will be operational but there will be unnecessary project inefficiency.

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