New construction projects for a home often means excavating work, or earthmoving. While doing a small bit of digging for a garden or flowerbed can usually be done on your own, a homeowner should never try any major excavating or earthmoving projects themselves. Even if you know where to rent a backhoe and assume you can handle it on your property, you might first note why a professional should always be called for excavating and earthmoving:

1. Drainage and soil treatment may be needed

When digging any type of depth on your property, drainage may be needed for the dig itself and to protect your new construction. A professional excavator can install drainage options that will direct moisture away from the walls of the trenches being dug but can also ensure that you have the drainage needed to protect slabs after they're poured.

He or she may work with a land surveyor to help grade your property or may be able to evaluate on their own the amount of drainage you'll need for the property to protect concrete for a foundation or a landscaping feature.

Along with drainage, a professional excavator can note if the soil needs to be treated after being dug. It's not unusual for a professional excavator to add gravel or pebbles to an area that is dug to brace up overly moist soil and make it more solid with less water runoff.

Rather than try to handle your own digging only to face flooding or water damage to a foundation after it's poured, it's best to call a professional excavator. They will be able to evaluate the soil as it's dug and in turn, protect your construction project.

2. Trees and vegetation can be protected

When you need to dig deep trenches and pits for any construction project on your property, you may find yourself cutting through tree roots and the roots of other vegetation, which in turn can actually destroy the trees and the overall health of your property. Tree roots help to hold moisture in the soil so that it stays healthy for your grass and if you remove too much vegetation from your property, you may experience soil erosion on your property.

A professional excavating company will know how to work around tree roots and the roots of other vegetation, even relocating them so they're preserved. Rather than simply cutting through these roots and in turn, damaging trees and natural vegetation, they will work to preserve your property while they dig.

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