The forklift truck is a valuable asset for industrial and commercial environments, especially in warehousing, manufacturing and large-scale retail operations. If your business requires the forklift for day-to-day operations, it is economical to purchase the heavy equipment. However, it is cheaper to hire the truck for specific projects or periodic lifting tasks.

There are different types of forklifts available for hire from machinery rental companies so there are factors that you should consider before signing a contract. One of the important aspects is the power source; this will determine the operational costs during the rental period. Here is a short comparison of the main options.

Electric Forklifts

The electric forklift trucks are powered by a battery so they are environmentally-friendly. They do not emit harmful fumes and they are quiet during operation. In addition, they are compact, balanced and very manoeuvrable. The battery requires regular recharging but the costs are relatively low and you can leave it connected overnight for project efficiency.

Electric forklifts are easier to operate and the potential breakdown is low since there are few moving parts in comparison to regular engine-powered machines. On the other hand, these forklifts are expensive to purchase so you may not find this type in rental fleets. Intensive use of the machinery will drain the battery quickly, rendering the forklift useless.

Diesel Forklifts

If you require a powerful machine and your applications are mainly in the outdoors, you should hire the diesel forklift. It is better than the electric alternative in terms of truck acceleration and the load lifting speed. Moreover, the engine is powered by diesel which is readily available so there will be no unscheduled downtime.

This type of forklift truck is readily available at all rental companies therefore you will be spoilt for choice. Unfortunately, diesel forklifts are not well-suited for indoor applications because they release harmful fumes and particulate emissions. These are noxious so you should use the forklift in enclosed buildings for limited periods. You should also note that they are considerably noisy during operation.

LPG Forklifts

These forklifts are powered by liquefied petroleum gas and they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Their engines are similar to those in cars so they are responsive, highly manoeuvrable and can travel at high speeds. Furthermore, they are quieter in operation and their emissions are less offensive compared to diesel alternatives. Also, the lift speed is high so the efficiency of operations will be improved. The main drawback of LPG forklifts is the significantly high cost of fuel.

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