As an independent plumber you have several tools that are designed to make your job quicker and easier. When it comes to pipe cutting for different jobs, you likely have a small set of tools to make minor cuts and adjustments. If you are looking for ways to expand your business and offer a bit more to your customers, and less time trying to locate the length of pipes you need for the job, consider these reasons to own a portable pipe cutting machine.

Larger Projects

One of the key benefits to owning your own portable pipe cutting machine is the ability to take on larger jobs. You can handle renovations, remodeling, and even business jobs that normally would have taken far too long to complete. You can also handle multiple repairs in a fraction of the time and you can handle larger repairs that normal hand tools would not allow you to do. If you are looking for a way to expand your business, this may be the ideal step.

Emergency Repairs

Traditionally you have likely received calls for emergency or after hours repairs like leaks and busted pipes. When you arrive you may find that there are some cases where the pipe requires you purchasing new pipe when a portable pipe cutting machine could have handled the job on the spot. Having the ability to handle on-site emergency repairs will build your business and allow customers to avoid larger charges or wait times while you find the pipes and lengths they need.

Multiple Jobs

Having a portable pipe cutting machine means that you can send one repair technician to larger jobs while other technicians handle the smaller jobs. This increases your per hour and daily income for not only you, but also for your employees. This also means you will have a reduced appointment wait list and the ability to handle most of the plumbing issues you will be facing.

These are just three of the reasons that an independent plumber should own a portable pipe cutting machine. If you are ready to purchase yours or hire one for a short time to see if it will work for you, contact your local industrial or heavy equipment supply company like Field Machine Tools. They can give you a price estimate and help you determine which style will work best for your needs. They can even help you hire several portable options for your staff to increase the jobs each staff member can take.