Wireline drilling rods have a multitude of purposes when it comes to drilling on construction sites. In many instances they're attributed to being used on mining exploration projects to drill for minerals. However, they're always great for more common projects that people are familiar with like: plumbing, electricity pathways, and WiFi and telephone networks. They can also be used for underground tunneling.

Overall, the versatility of wireline drilling and the reduced costs is always an important aspect of working with the drilling rod type. However, what are some of the other benefits that most people may not know about?

Reduced noise & cracks

If there's one thing that's typically associated with construction work, it's noise. Loud noise is always a problem that most neighbors complain about when there's construction going on in their neighborhood. With drilling, the noise can be at a deafening level for both the workers and those near the site. Wireline drill rods are often preferable in these situations because of the minimal amount of noise they cause. These drill rods are perfect for resident areas or construction and repairs in congested areas.

Another great thing about wireline drilling rods is that they are great solutions for materials like concrete, stone, and glass. This is because they actually prevent the materials from chipping or cracking as it's being drilled into. Typically with other rods, there are additional costs that always have to be factored into the budget for replacements to materials that were cracked or chipped by the rod. You'll save money on both labour and material costs, as well as valuable time on the build.

Faster & Safer for Workers

One of the other great advantages about wireline drilling rods is that they actually drill faster than other rods. This is due to the diamond material that they are made out of. No matter if it's brick, concrete, or glass, wireline drilling rods quickly cut through the material creating very little debris, which is savfe for both the workers and future inhabitants.

Dust from concrete, brick, and glass can be harmful for workers if consistently breathed in over a significant period of time. Using a drilling rod that limits the amount of dust and debris it creates, limits the chances of workers becoming sick in the long run. A safe environment for workers is always one of the most important concerns for project managers and construction companies.