If you are looking for a bulldozer for purchase or hire, there are multiple factors that you should consider before making a choice. One of these critical aspects is the design of the heavy equipment. You should compare the features incorporated into the bulldozers on the market. Also, you should evaluate the specifications of the different machines and identify the most suitable for your potential applications. Here is a short discussion on the most critical design considerations for bulldozer selection. 

Equipment Controls

You should look at the controls in the bulldozer because they will determine the ease of operation. In general, you should choose a control system which will promote safety in your worksites while ensuring that the operator can perform earthmoving tasks without significant strain. One of the modern options for bulldozer control is the joystick. The electro-hydraulic joystick in the heavy equipment controls most functions, including speed, direction, steering and transmission. These units have been designed ergonomically to promote the driver comfort. Moreover, they provide exceptional performance during navigation and manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Bulldozer Cabin

The design of the bulldozer cabin is a critical consideration during purchase or hire. This space will influence the comfort and efficiency of the driver, and the results will be evident in the level of productivity during earthmoving projects. Under ideal circumstances, the cab should have high-efficiency air filters, and the pressure in the unit should be well-stabilised. This design will reduce the amount of noise and dust inside the cabin, ensuring optimal comfort and smooth communication with people outside. You should also ensure that the cab is positioned to have excellent visibility of the surrounding space. Additionally, make sure that there is a high-performance air conditioner in the cabin.

Undercarriage Design

The undercarriage design and construction is not a significant consideration in most heavy equipment. However, this is not the case for bulldozers because they work in adverse environments and are typically low-lying. Choosing the right undercarriage will prevent machinery damage and enhance your worksite productivity. Standard undercarriages are relatively sturdy, and they are intended for landscaping and construction sites. They can resist light impact and abrasion because the design isolates the delicate core components such as steering modules and axles. If you are planning on using the bulldozer in a rocky terrain, you will need to obtain a heavy-duty undercarriage. This design incorporates a steel plate at the bottom to further protect the sensitive components from mechanical damage. 

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