Regardless of what residential project you are thinking of engaging in, one of the first decisions to make is what type of equipment you will require. Moreover, if you do not routinely participate in home improvement projects, chances are you will not be adequately equipped with the right machinery. If you are leaning toward heavy equipment hire, it is likely that you will require an excavator for your project. This type of machinery is incredibly versatile and can come in handy for a myriad of home improvement projects, such as driveway replacement, hardscaping pipe installation and small-scale demolition. However, to get an excavator suited to your project, there are crucial factors to keep in mind. Below are the principal considerations to have when deliberating on excavator hire.

Consider the scope of the project

Before you can choose an excavator to hire for your project, you need to establish the dimensions of the site. Excavators range in size from the mini variety to the more substantial, heavy-duty alternatives. While hiring a mini excavator may be an affordable solution, it will not be advisable if the site is of a large-scale and requires intensive hauling of materials. On the other hand, if you only need the excavator for light-duty work but on a considerably sized piece of land, a mini excavator could fit the bill. Jot down the primary uses that you require the excavator for, and the provider can guide you on which size will be best suited for the project.

Consider the capacity of the bucket

Although excavators can be used in tandem with various attachments, the most basic accessory you will need is a bucket. However, people who are unfamiliar with excavator hire may be unaware that these buckets come in a spectrum of sizes depending on what the project requirements are. For instance, if you need to dig a pond on your property, then you need an excavator bucket that can carry a considerable volume of soil and rocks so that you do not have to make unending trips to and from the site. Alternatively, if you plan to use the excavator for ditch cleaning, then you should mind the size of the bucket in relation to how wide you want the ditches to be.

Consider the supplementary attachments

A surprising benefit of excavator hire is that selecting the right accessories could save you the trouble of having to invest in other heavy equipment machinery! Therefore, it is imperative to be comprehensive about the different tasks that will be included in your project so you can determine if supplementary attachments can facilitate the work that needs to be done. A few examples of the accessories you can consider are a ripper, a long-reach arm and a backhoe.