The crane hire business is booming, thanks to the increasing number of jobs that demand the use of cranes. If you're planning to rent a crane for your particular job, you'll need to think about crane safety.

Sure, cranes are highly functional and reliable equipment for lifting and moving heavy materials and items, but they can also be potentially dangerous, especially if improperly operated. That said, you'll need to work together with your chosen crane rental company to ensure the safety of everyone involved in crane operations. Choosing the right crane rental company is an important step to a safe worksite.

The following guide will outline what to review when looking for the best crane rental company.

1. Availability of qualified crane operators

The importance of using competent crane operators at your worksite can never be overemphasised. Crane operators will be responsible for operating expensive and potentially dangerous heavy lifting equipment, so it's best to have qualified hands handling the equipment.

If you're looking to hire a crane together with complementary staff required to operate it, you'll need to look for a company that only hires crane operators that are trained and experienced in crane operation and crane safety. Ask to see crane operator qualification or certification when choosing the best company to rent your crane from.

2. Availability of well-maintained cranes

Proper maintenance of cranes is vital for ensuring reliable and safe performance. Poorly maintained equipment, on the other hand, is a disaster waiting to happen. Request a copy of the company's crane maintenance records to determine if you're getting equipment that's safe to use. Also, ask for a hard copy of their repair policy so you can read and understand who will be responsible for making repairs in case of equipment breakdown. 

3. Availability of a newer fleet

How old are the cranes available for rental? Though older cranes can work just as efficiently as their newer counterparts, they're more likely to break down. Like other types of heavy construction equipment, cranes tend to develop problems as they age or with every job. The greater the number of jobs that a crane has been used to do, the greater the risk of breakdown. That said, you may be better off hiring a crane from a company that has newer cranes.

4. Ability to address your crane safety concerns

Are you worried about the stability of the ground you'll be operating your rental crane from? Think the overhead power lines at your worksite will be a challenge? A good crane hire service should be able to answer your crane safety and other crane-related questions in a satisfactory manner.

If you take the above-discussed factors into account, finding the right rental company that prioritises crane safety shouldn't be a problem.