Work sites vary from one to the other; therefore, you cannot rely on the same access equipment for every project. The reason is that while most lift designs serve access needs adequately, the lifts are not usable in tight, narrow or restricted spaces. Therefore, you must be careful when renting access equipment that is meant to be used in hard-to-reach work sites. If you rent the wrong equipment, then your project will delay because you will be forced to return the equipment and get the right machines. Although you can ask a rental company to make recommendations, you are better off knowing what features make access equipment ideal for restricted spaces. This article highlights the features.

Basket Rotation

The first thing you should look for in rental access equipment for narrow spaces is the ability for the basket to rotate. Since most machines cannot turn easily in confined spaces, the devices make an operator's job in such areas challenging. Access equipment that has a rotating basket solves the problem because the machine does not have to move. The equipment stays stationary in the tight space, and all the operator has to do is activate the basket rotation system. The mechanism makes it possible to access hard-to-reach work sites. Therefore, ensure that you specify to a rental firm that you want access equipment with a rotating basket.

Zero Turn Radius

Narrow, tight, and restricted spaces can prove challenging for conventional access equipment because the wheels have to turn for the machine to get into position. Not only does this waste time, but the start-and-stop and back-and-forth movements also increase the chances of the platform hitting an overhead or ground obstacle. Nonetheless, devices with a zero turn radius make restricted space access a breeze because the wheels turn within the machine's footprint. An operator does not have to rock the equipment back and forth to gain the right access position.

Ultrasonic Sensors

One characteristic of hard-to-reach spaces is that the areas are riddled with overhead obstacles from piping to concrete columns. Working in such an environment, therefore, increases the chances of hitting a hanging object, thereby creating a crushing hazard.

Notably, the access point you are looking to rent should have ultrasonic sensors. The sensors are highly sensitive and quickly identify obstacles before engaging a stop operation, automatically preventing potential incidents. However, you must ensure that the sensors are working before signing a contract with a service provider.

Hire access equipment with care and from a knowledgeable company.