If you are starting a new contracting business, even if it is on a small scale, having the right tools is vital. One of the tools that many new contractors forget to add to their arsenal of equipment are the right diamond blades. Before you begin purchasing blade options, there are a few things you should know. Here are the types of blades available, their uses, and what you should know about each type for your specific contracting needs.

Gang Saw Blades

If your contracting business will be clearing land for homesteads and other similar clients, then you will need gang saw blades on hand. These blades are diamond blades that are used for cutting stone and rock. It can take several blades on one device to cut through larger pieces of stone, especially underground stone that is heavy and rooted in place. This means that you are more likely to go through the blades quickly, and not having them on hand would cause severe deadline setbacks.

Circular Blades

Circular blades should always be on hand for your construction business. This is due to the blades being the most common of the diamond blades used for most saw equipment. If you have a circular saw station or several circular saws, you will need to find diamond blades that fit each saw and have their own purpose with that saw. Make sure you have backup blades in stock that can be changed out quickly and are easy to order should you run out. Also, make sure you have varying grades of blades to fit the different types of jobs your circular saws will perform.

Band Saw Blades

If you plan on doing any electroplating or electroplating work, then you will likely already have a band saw in your equipment storage. The band saw will use diamond blades for most if not all the projects you will face. You need to make sure that the blades you buy for the band saw are flexible and have cold steel banding in order to have the durability you need for the various jobs. Keep in mind, not all band saw blades may be labeled this way. Make sure to check with the manufacturer if it is not clear, or go with a different diamond blade option.

When you are ready to buy your diamond blades, make sure you are dealing with a reputable business. If you aren't sure about the quality of the blades available to you, contact the manufacturer. The blade manufacturer will likely have an option for you to buy wholesale blades or factory direct options through catalog ordering methods.