Crane hire is a complex process that requires a lot of consideration. Choosing the right crane will determine the cost, efficiency and safety of a project. The following tips will guide your hiring needs:

Type of job and machine required

The first consideration before hiring a crane is determining the type of construction underway. For instance, routine construction work that involves the movement of materials from one place to another requires a mobile crane. An architectural construction, on the other hand, involves the use of a tower crane. There are different types of crane models available that serve different purposes. You should, therefore, hire a crane specialist who can help you select the right kind of crane. A crane specialist can advise you on the weight load, length requirement of a boom, ground support of the crane and accessibility to the construction site. You should, therefore, visit different companies and compare the services they provide. Also, you will need to hire professional riggers in addition to the machines. These are professionals who operate the cranes, and they should be experienced and certified. Professional riggers ensure safety during construction.

Insurance and experience

Before renting a crane, it is crucial to ask the company about the insurance coverage of the cranes. Confirm the insurance coverage protects you from damage to the crane during construction. If any damage to the crane occurs, then they are responsible for repairs. The rigger operating the crane should also be insured. You should also purchase additional coverage to cover the injury of site workers.

The rental company's experience is also a priority. You should, therefore, ask about their experience and how many projects they have served. An experienced company is an assurance of quality service.


Cost is an essential consideration during crane hire. Cost of crane hire varies depending on the type and length of hire. You should also shop for a package deal. Many rental companies hire out the crane and an operator together. Not all companies offer the package deal, and they will require you to hire a rigger separately. Professional riggers are not cheap, and they charge a daily rate for their services. If your construction takes months, then the cost will be expensive. To maintain your budget, you should go to a company with a package deal. It will be cheaper and less time-consuming. Before committing to a crane, you should have a safety inspection performed.